Tenant Fees 

Please see below for details of fees payable by tenants (all fees are subject to VAT): 
Before you move in: 
Set up fee/contract fee £150.00 per tenant. NOTE: This fee is non-refundable. 
This includes taking up your references. We will need to check your identity, as well as your immigration and visa status.  
We will also carry out a financial credit check by contacting your current or previous employer, to confirm your earnings and calculate affordability. 
If you have rented a property before we will contact your agent or landlord to confirm that your payments have been made on time and that you  
have looked after the property satisfactorily. 
Please note that if you have any outstanding CCJs you will not pass referencing. 
Guarantor Fee £60.00 per guarantor 
Covering credit referencing and preparing a Deed of Guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement. 
During the tenancy 
Amendment Fee £60.00: 
Contract negotiation, amending terms and updating the tenancy agreement during your tenancy. 
Renewal Fee £100.00: 
This covers contract negotiation including liaising with your landlord. Amending and updating the terms of the tenancy.  
Arranging documents for a further tenancy and arranging signatures. 
At the end of the tenancy 
Check out Fee (tenant’s share)£120.00: 
This includes our fee to attend and inspect the property at the end of the tenancy and to compare the condition with the inventory. 
The fee also includes negotiating and arranging the repayment of the security deposit. 
Other fees and charges 
Unpaid cheques £25.00 
Unpaid Rent Interest at 3% above bank of England Base Rate from date due 
Late Payment Letter/Tenancy Breach £20.00 
Visit to Property due to Tenant locking themselves out or losing keys £35.00. 
Removal of furniture or personal property at the end of tenancy (per vehicle required) £150.00 
If you have any questions on our fees please contact us here... 
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