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News & Legislation July 31, 2020

The Guild partners with Agents Giving

The Guild of Property Professionals is using the size of its network to make a difference by donating £50 to Agents Giving for every successful referral completed. With a network of approximately 800 independent estate agencies, the potential financial benefit could be significant.  


About Agents Giving 

Agents Giving is a fantastic platform that has helped many within the industry, along with their customers and suppliers, to realise their fundraising goals for existing charities nationwide. Agents are able to apply for grants from Agents Giving to help them put together charity events that will raise money for those in need. Through Agents Giving, many within the industry have been able to directly impact the lives of people in their communities who are struggling, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic having a huge effect on a lot of people’s financial situations. The Guild of Property Professionals is eager to support the organisation and help those within the industry with the financial support they require to assist those in need and make people’s lives better.  


Making a difference 

Iain McKenzie, CEO of The Guild, says: “If each agent from the entire network makes one successful referral a month that completes, it would equate to a potential sum of approximately £40,000 a month and around £480,000 in a year. That is a substantial amount of money that would be going to Agents Giving to be able to make a massive difference to a number of charities supported by the organisation.” 


He adds that around 25% of leads are converted to instructions, of which 50% are completed. “Essentially that means that just one referral per week by every Member with the known conversion rates into business will deliver the level of completions we need to hit the target, which should be easily achievable. It is a great incentive for Members to make the referrals, while helping people and giving something back,” McKenzie comments.  


“There is so much going on in the world at the moment, and many people are eager to get back to normal, but if we do go back to doing things exactly the way we did before the lockdown, perhaps the world would have missed the opportunity to change for the better. Our partnership with Agents Giving is a step in the right direction in changing for the better and making a difference. As a large network, we have the influence to be able to pioneer change and make the world a little bit brighter,” says McKenzie. 


Agents Giving Chairman, Michael Stoop, comments; “We would like to say a tremendous heartfelt thank you to The Guild and their Members for this wonderful show of support to Agents Giving the Industry Charity.  Your donations will mean we can continue to help support the industries fundraising efforts through the Agents Giving Grant fund ensuring more of the money raised goes directly to even more UK charities on a national, regional, local and community level which is so important during these current times.  We look forward to seeing the partnership flourish.” 


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